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Professional organization of cremation

comprising the large area of the SOFIA MUNICIPALITY

Full assistance - " Sofia Crematorium Ltd "

  • Death Certificate issuance – around the clock
  • Home visit by an agent consultant
  • Organization of the ceremony / complete /
  • Full administrative services – issuing all required documents related to cremation
  • Determining and reserving a specific day and hour for a mourning ceremony – within 15 minutes of the request!
  • Specialized transportation from the place of death to a cooling chamber 
  • Specialized transportation from a cooling chamber to a cemetery
  • Transferring the corpse into a building
  • Specialized vehicle – hearse 
  • Installing in a separate cooling chamber
  • Cooling chamber (separate) - personal storage for the first day & night.
  • Each subsequent day and night – the cooling chamber should be paid 18 BGN/day & night
  • Coffin, pall, drapery 
  • Preparation, draping and arranging a coffin
  • Laying the deceased in a ritual hall of Central Sofia Cemetery
  • Luxury catafalque for the cremation (funeral procession)
  • Urns – plastic, ceramic, marble and granite
  • Wheat, round loaf, red wine and cutlery 
  • Obituaries - 10 – FREE !

Organization of the funeral service in all churches on the territory of Sofia Municipality

Mourning agent – an employee of the agency will attend You and monitor the implementation of whole ceremony (cremation).

In the absence of an urn niche – completely FREE -You may be provided with a new grave for the urn:

Just call to the day & night information center on the phone number: 02 / 9972222

Additional services and possibilities:

  1. 1. A wide variety of wreaths, flowers and decoration – choice from a catalog and individual solutions.
  2. 2. Choosing a hearse depending on preferences and budget.
  3. 3. Free online memorial
  4. 4. Publication of a press release – the most popular editions
  5. 5. Subscription maintenance of a burial site
  6. 6. Advance payment of funeral (5% discount).
  7. 7. Luxury funeral and representative ceremony.
  8. 8. Repatriation – transportation of mortal remains to another country.


All the boroughs and districts at Sofia are served around the clock.

If you’re looking for a funeral home, mourning or funeral agency you might rely on our professional service provided by certified agents by the regulation of the SOFIA MUNICIPALITY!


Ask for a co-operation and assistance only the qualified funeral agents!

Never trust a random interceptor looking to take advantage from the people’s sorrow and pain without having a professional experience.  

Our specially trained funeral consultants are part of a team with years of experience in organizing and performing mourning ceremonies.