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Prices include installation in all graveyards in Sofia - from 180 to 900 BGN.

Call for ordering: 997 22 22

Those prices also include manufacturing, delivery and installation of the monument (including preparatory activities).
Deadline for delivery - 14 days after order receipt.
Warranty - 10 years.

Additional possibilities:

  • Huge discounts in the event that the funeral is organized by
  • Subscription for maintenance of grave sites. It is suitable if the relatives of the deceased are not able to take care of the grave – for example – live in another country or locality or have difficulties to move, as well as for public personalities, for which is provided a budget financing for maintenance of the monument.
  • Tombstones and grave sites restoration
  • Detailed information about headstone monument. Erecting a monument. Tombstone is placed usually 6 (six) or 12 (twelve) months after the death.

Tombstones are made normally of marble, granite or limestone. It is possible to use more than one stone to achieve a complex composition of different colors.
Traditionally – Bulgarian tombstone contains memorial plaque usually placed on a foundation and a framework around the grave.

Construction of tombstones. Memorial plaque.

Tombstones is composed by a vertical memorial plaque that is the main component of the monument. This plaque contains a porcelain portrait or an engraved picture of the deceased person, his names, date of birth and date of death. On the memorial plaque can be engraved an additional text associated to buried. Besides, on the sepulchral plaque may be depicted a cross, a star or another symbol. This gravestone plaque can be made either as a regular quadrangular shape and with the shape of a flame, star or a graphical composition.
On the foundation can be placed a decorative vase with ornamental lantern.

Main elements of memorial plaque:

  • Portrait
  • A color or black & white portrait on a porcelain padding with classic oval/rectangle shape or irregular shape of flower, heart or other one – selecting from a catalogue
  • Engraved by laser – directly on the marble or granite plaque.
  • Inscriptions
  • Names of the deceased person (including the nickname)
  • Date of birth and date of death
  • Additional text – a message, dedication, verse or a covenant to heirs.

Tombstone framework

The frame around grave is a concrete casting coated by granite, granite tiles or marble. Grave can be covered with plaques and on the frame may be put a table.

Monuments symbolism

Monuments are brightest public tangible symbol that remains after death of our friends and relatives. Despite the different design of monuments – their look and appearance reflect the relevance of the deceased person and people that it left behind. Caring for monuments does not mean necessarily a serious commitment – the offered subscription maintenance of graves by ensures good look and preservation of the monument against weather conditions, stray animals, as well as any kind of vandalism.

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